Bungalow (Down Floor) Bungalow (Upper Floor) Villa Room
Six persons Four persons Four persons Two persons
Three Rooms Two king size Bed Two rooms Air conditioning
Air conditioning woden floor and roof Air conditioning One king size Bed
Attached bathrooms with hotwater siting area Attached bathrooms with hot water Attached bathroom with hot water
wifi Facilities Two Air conditioning wifi Facilities wifi Facilities
living area One bathrooms with hotwater Ancient roof with sri lankan tile
dining room wifi Facilities Kitchin with instrument
kitchin with instrument Two king size Bed
Two king size Bed Living rooms with furnitres
Living rooms with furnitres
Bungalow $ 325/= Only Rooms $50/= Only - With Breakfas Family Room $80/= Only - With Breakfast $ 225 /= Only - With Breakfast $ 50 /= Only - With Breakfast

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